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Automation System Development

* Purpose: To establish an analysis process system with which a designer or a beginner is able to perform CAE work

* Corporate Assets (Analysis Competence) – Human Resources, Analysis Data, Analysis Process (Experience)

* Current Issues
 - Secured CAE engineers
 - Often turnover
 - Data & Analysis History Management

​Intergration Service

System Establishment
Automation of simply repeated work
Analysis Process Guide Program
 CAE work can be performed by 
 a designer and a beginner. 
Analysis Program Study
Analysis Process Study
Analysis Experience
 CAE is the only work for experts 

* CAE Analysis Work Procedure
 - CAE analysis can be divided into 7 steps (Global Process) including step-by-step Local Process.
 - It is possible to establish Global Process as a system, or automate Local Process.





Input Deck


 Post & Report

Local Process

* Effects of CAE Integration Introduction 
 - Saving of product development cost and work hours
 - Accumulation of corporate technology
 - Prevention of human errors
 - Improvements in design quality and work productivity
 - Integration of CAD/CAE work environments


▶ CAE Process Customization & Automation

* Development Parametric Modeling System

* Development of Process Automation System

▶ CAE Software Development

* Development of customized and independent software 

▶ CAE Software Integration

* Development of interface between commercial software applications
* Development of interface with In-house programs

▶ CAE Data Management

* Saving of the data created in analysis work
* Systemized history management
* Sharing of analysis knowledge through search and comparison of analysis data