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MSC Software is a multi-integration simulation software company that provides linear & non-linear finite-element analysis, multibody dynamics, control system, and other kinds of programs for customers.

• Integrated solution

  - Adams : The Multibody Dynamics Simulation Solution

  - Marc : Advanced Nonlinear Simulation Solution

  - Actran : Powerful Acoustic Simulation Software

• Solver solution

  - MSC.Nastran : Multidisciplinary Structural Analysis

  - Dytran : Explicit Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction

  - MSC.Fatigue : FE Based Durability Solution

• Modeling solution

  - Patran : Complete FEA Modeling Solution

  - MSC.Apex : Unified CAE Environment for Virtual Product Development

Simufact supplies the software applications optimized for welding simulation and metal molding & forging simulation. Its representative software application is Simufact.Welding / Forming / Additive.


• simufact Welding : Welding strain analysis program

​  - Arc Welding

  - Laser(Beam) Welding

  - Resistance Spot Welding

  - Brazing

  - Optimize welding process to minimize transmission variation

  - Prediction of Residual Stress, Deformation and Defects from Welding

• simufact Additive manufacturing : 3D Printing Process Optimization Analysis Program

  - Simulation of the 3D Printing Process with the Powder Bed Method

  - Part distortion and residual stress prediction

  - Analysis of impact of material selection and speed, power factor characteristics, build path, etc.

  - Predicting Variations for Support Cutting

• simufact Forming : Metal Molding and Monotonic Analysis Program

  - Cold forming / Hot forging / Sheet forming / Rolling / Ringrolling

  - Open die forging / Heat Treatment / Joining

  - Perform analysis on cold/hot ironing, thin plate molding, rolled, heat treatment, SPR

FEGate for Ship(FFS), jointly developed by RaonX Solutions and SVD, is a software application developed in the way of specializing FEGate of SVD in the shipbuilding area.

SVD was a Korean firm established in 2000. Its representative product ‘FEGate’ independently developed by SVD is the Pre & Post Processor software specialized in automobile NVH.

Total Materia is a global leading firm located in Swizerland. . RAON X Solutions is the only Korean agency of Total Materia. Users are able to check online the properties of around 220,000 materials, metal-macromolecule, ceramic, composite materials, and stress-strain rate of around 45,000 materials.

Techno Star is a representative CAE Software in Japan. Its development software programs are TSV-Pre, TSV-Post, TSV-Designer, and TSV-BLS.

PDTec is a German based company that helps customers optimize the process chain in the product lifecycle and integrates IT systems in the product development process to deliver products and services to a wide range of industries. PDTec provides SimData Manager, a product for integrating and managing simulation processes and data. For more information, please visit the PDTec homepage.


Industries around the world, now in it’s the 4th Industrial Revolution, are preparing to make leaps with data. Analyzing the value of your business through data will be an important steppingstone for leaps and the need for specialized tools for analysis will increase. DATADVANCE's pSeven is a tool for generating predictive models that can extract only useful information from user data and define the physical behavior through machine learning algorithms. pSeven's user-friendly GUI is a guide that makes it easy for anyone to create your own data as a powerful predictive model without the help of data scientist. pSeven will discover value in your data and create intelligent models to provide you with the optimum quality and efficiency you desire.


It is very important to share data efficiently and organically, which is the focus of smart factory. Ceetron shares results with designers, interpreters, technicians, external service providers or customers. It can be done with a single click, and this data is encrypted and shared. It supports a wide variety of devices and OS, and can also be found in various web browsers. You can also create your own Post Processor through Python and well-defined API.
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