We will support you in the CAE engineering area.

Engineering Consulting

Consulting History

* Provided the solutions of simple parts analysis, of complicated system analysis, and of customers’ internal analysis

* Performed analysis and R&D projects for initial design in the automobile, shipbuilding, and aviation areas

* Special Areas: Vibration Noise Analysis/ Stiffness & Strength Analysis / Fatigue Analysis/ Optimization

* Experienced and performed 351 services in various areas, including automobile, shipbuilding, aviation, and national defense

  (as of Jun. 2015)

* Holds 16 special consultants who have a lot of experience in the automobile, shipbuilding and aviation industries

* Holds practical technologies related to the latest analysis software programs including MSC, TSV, EasyDesign, and FEGate

* Performed a variety of services with foreign customers and relevant S/W firms; experienced overseas projects

Service Cases (General)

* Structural Strength Analysis
* Non-linear Analysis
* Fatigue Analysis
* Composite Structure Analysis
* Multibody Dynamics Analysis

Service Cases (General)

* Ship Structural Analysis Service
 - Hull Structure Modeling
 - Whole Ship Analysis
 - Cargo Containment Analysis
 - Fatigue Analysis (DNV' PULS)
 - Block Lifting Analysis
 - Cargo Containment Sloshing Analysis
 - Development of Tool for Shipbuilding
 - Education of Shipbuilding Structural Analysis